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September 27th, 2015 | by

app review: VocalEase


What it Does

You hear audio clips of a real singer doing various singing warm-ups and exercises, and you sing along. You can jump to any exercise at any time.

The Bottom Line

Useful for beginners who want to learn what kinds of singing exercises they can use to develop the voice.

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The layout is classy and simple. The singing exercises are easy to follow, although some terms (diatonic, for example) may be unfamiliar to those who are new to studying music.



The audio clips may start too low or go too high for you, but the idea is that once you learn the exercises, you can sing them in the range that suits you.



Pitch pipe included, plus a few clips from other teachers. This a simple app, without a way to track or record your work. It doesn’t ‘hear’ you like some singing apps, and there are no visuals to go with audio.



Many positive comments from users and only very few complaints. One user said they didn’t like the talking (presumably because it interrupted the flow of the exercises).

Musician's Note

I feel right at home with this app. I have been to hundreds of voice lessons, and this app feels just like one of them. You can hear Arnold talking and even the accompanist chimes in once in a while, which gives a real human feeling to the experience. Some might find the talking gets in the way of the flow, but I didn’t.

I don’t like not knowing what pitch I am singing, so I had to go to my piano while using the app to see where we were. You can argue it is best not to know what note you are singing, because then you approach each note more openly.

I found some new exercises in here that I didn’t know, and that I really liked. I think I will add them to my warm-up routine. The exercises are based in the classical tradition and focus on smooth transitions, vowel shape and placement, resonance and breath support.

I liked the written and oral explanations in the app, as they give you a focus for the exercise. I wanted the info to be more thorough and clearly organized, though. Not every exercise comes with an explanation.


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