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November 30th, 2014 | by

app review: VocaLive FREE


What it Does

VocaLive FREE is a vocal App that lets you practice, and record your vocals on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It features real-time vocal effects, a metronome and a warm up tool.

The Bottom Line

It is worth downloading if you are thinking of buying the full version and want to get a feel for it first; however if you aren't looking to spend any money it is probably not worth downloading.

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When you first start the App, there are descriptions over all of the buttons to get you started. The interface is well designed and it is easy to browse through your saved recordings and share them online.



The quality of the reverb effect that comes with the App is good, however it is the only effect that comes with the free version and additional effects are rather expensive. There is also a multi-track upgrade option which greatly expands the possibilities of the App - but again this will cost you more money.



VocaLive FREE is essentially a stripped-down version of iK Multimedia's VocaLive app, however there are various in-app purchases that you can expand the app with, or you can upgrade to the full version for ($9.99/£6.99)



The App has mixed reviews - generally because of the lack of features found on the free version meaning you will need to spend money to get the most out of it.

Musician's Note

If you want a simple way to make and catalogue rough recordings on your device, the free version of the App could be all that you need; however, it is likely you would want to expand the effects, which means spending some money. Although some users may find the “vocal warm up tool” useful, it is essentially no more than an arpeggio generator for which you can select the key. When compared to the full version of VocaLive, VocaLive FREE is extremely limited and, as a result, is unlikely to be that useful without spending more money on it. If you already have software such as GarageBand you will already be able to do pretty much everything the software can do as well as a lot more.