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June 12th, 2015 | by

app review: Voice Checker Free


What it Does

Quickly record yourself practicing a particular line or song and then play it straight back to check for any problems.

The Bottom Line

If you want simple app to instantly play back what you have just performed, then Voice Checker Free could be something you will want to try to integrate into your practice routine.

Ease (5)
Intelligence (3)
Extras (2)
Gossip (3)



It app is very easy to use and it is not cluttered with lots of adverts or pop-up messages. When you are playing back, there are fast-forward and rewind buttons so you can get to the part you particular want to listen to.



Voice Checker Free is a very simple app that doesn't really bring anything new to the app market, however it is primary designed for extreme ease of use, which it succeeds in providing.



The app doesn't really offer any extras - it does what it aims to do and nothing more. It would have been perhaps nice if you could have saved your recordings and offer some form of virtual keyboard to give you starting notes.



User reviews are mixed but generally positive from people not expecting the app to do any more than it does.

Musician's Note

Whether or not you find an app like this useful comes down to how you like to rehearse. If you feel you would benefit from instantly hearing back what you have just practised, then Voice Checker could be a useful app for you. That said, there are plenty of other apps that can do the same thing and more; so it is by no means the only app solution if you want to work like this.


  • Ricky Jay

    Is this for Android and IPhones?