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November 6th, 2014 | by

app review: Voice Jam Studio: Looper, Effects Processor & Multitrack Recorder


What it Does

Voice Jam Studio is a Vocal Effects Processor and Looper App, designed as a tool for vocalists wanting to explore and record musical ideas, and for performing live.

The Bottom Line

If you want to create and record vocal loops on your iPad, then Voice Jam Studio is the best App out there for the task.

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The interface is clear and intuitive. If you need it there are also a good section of helpful tips to get you started as well as some instructional videos on TC-Helicon's YouTube channel if you prefer a visual demonstration of what the App can do. Recording loops is a very straight forward process and you can quickly undo, overdub or delete parts with a single press of a button.



Voice Jam Studio has one of the best effect latency performances I have come across in an App; allowing you to use real-time vocal effects without any audible processing delay. Its ability to automatically sync your loops to the tempo means you don't have to worry as much about not hitting the record button at precisely the right time as you would with a looper pedal.



As well as saving your loops to recall later, Voice Jam Studio allows you record entire performances of you singing over your newly created tracks. It also captures a video of you performing via the front-facing camera so you can upload your entire performance to YouTube or Sound Cloud to share your creation with your friends.



As this is a new App, there is little in the way of feedback from users at the moment; however initial reactions look good.

Musician's Note

The initial aspect that impressed me with the App was the quality of the vocal effects and how well they worked when compared to what I had experienced with other Apps. As well common effects such as reverb and delay, there are also more extreme effects such as distortion, pitch shifting and hard-tune. Having this range of effects really allows you to be more creative with the loop section as you can use different sounds for different parts of your loop. The metronome features a tap function, which makes it easy to select the correct tempo and all the on-screen controls are very quick and responsive to touch. Overall, Voice Jam studio is a well thought out App that has been very well implemented, making it easy and fun to use.


Manufacturer’s Website: Voice Jam Studio

Voice Jam Studio: on iTunes

  • stev0

    Very interesting. Tried to send an email about it to an associate, but the email dialog had impossible script to copy in order to send- too bad

  • happening44

    While it’s a very cool app… it is NOT $9.99. I downloaded for a cool $19.99 from the App Store (Apple) because of this writeup… Worth it? We’ll see, but misleading if not outright wrong in what you’re telling people Voice Council…

  • Really great features, especially at this price point!