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March 6th, 2015 | by

app review: Voice Record Pro by Dayana Networks Ltd.


What it Does

Voice Record Pro allows you to record your singing, song ideas, voice memos - etc. - at unlimited lengths with configurable qualities.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a way to quickly record and catalogue performances and song ideas, Voice Record Pro is definitely worth checking out.

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The App is very straightforward to use and it is unlikely you will need to read any instructions to get started. It has a range of options for calibrating your device and setting up the accounts, and everything is clear and logical to use.



Voice Record Pro has a great range of options for exporting and sharing your recordings. It also makes it easy to organise and catalogue the recordings you make. It's interface is attractive and easy to use, and when combined with an external microphone is capable of making good quality recordings of your performances.



As well as the ability to make and export your recordings, the App also lets you convert the records to other formats. You can also trim, duplicate, and append your recordings, and you can even protect the App with a passcode should you desire.



The App has generally excellent user reviews however some have pointed out the lack of iCloud Support in the current version.

Musician's Note

Once you have made a recording, the App has a massive range of ways you can share and export your files should you want to. These include support for Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box Cloud, SoundCloud as well as the ability to directly export to a FTP server. You can also sent to devices via Bluetooth, download directly to PC using built-in web server via local WiFi connection, convert to a movie clip and export to Photo Albums, post as a Movie Clip on Facebook or YouTube, export to other apps on your device that can handle the audio file, import from other apps, and send Audio or Movie by email or SMS/iMessage. Finally you can also add notes, photos and bookmarks to your recordings and ID3v2 (MP3) tags.


  • Tom Boyer

    Can your app transcribe audio files to written text? Can I use something like Soundflower to input an audio file into Pages on the Mac?

  • Mike Petersen

    How do I get to the setting page to change the recording format to mp3? I always have to go through the conversion process. Also, I have an I-phone 5. I purchased the Headset buddy so I can record through the headphone jack from a line-in source (Mixer) and it works fine. I also purchased the headset dongle that Apple makes for the I-phone 7 so I could monitor while recording. Is there a way to route the audio while recording to my headset? So far I can’t make that work.