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September 27th, 2014 | by

app review: Vox Tools


What it Does

Can this free app help you prepare for your next gig?

The Bottom Line

Overall VoxTools feels like an App that has been started with the best of intentions but, although it has some good features, in its current form it needs a bit more work to be a truly invaluable tool for singers.

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On every screen there is a useful “info” button that will help you navigate your way through the app and provide tips. Once you have selected the exercise you want to perform, there is the option of hearing a brief demo of how it should be performed before you start.



If you need more vocal excersises, VoxTools also offers the option to hire fully customized training sessions with one of the teachers of Vox Technologies. There are a fairly limited number of exercises on the device and it won’t tell you if you are performing them correctly.



The app also includes useful tools such as a personal voice recorder and a virtual piano. The piano function works well, if you quickly need to find the correct starting note to a song or scale and the overall interface is clean and free of adverts.



The App has generally positive user reviews, with users impressed by how much the App does considering it is free.

Musician's Note

The exercises are broken up into categories such as “Daily Warmup”, “Morning Warmup”, “Vibrato” and “Express Warm Down”, enabling you to easily find what you are after. Although the recording function is a nice idea; it would be useful if it automatically attached a date to your recordings so you can organise them better and there is no option to share or backup your recordings. Also, the app is only currently available for Apple devices. As VoxTools is free it would be unfair to be overly harsh about its shortcomings, however there are many competing apps that function better and are more inspiring to use. The scope of the exercises is fairly limited and they start to feel a bit repetitive after a while. I also found some of the arpeggios slightly difficult to follow as they went up on one chord and came down on another without any notation or explanation as to what you were supposed to be singing.