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April Story – Angel cover

  • matt jones

    you have a great voice and good vocal range.  i didnt like the vocal extenstions on there though.  feel it would sound alot better with out them.  i understand that you are making the song your own, but didn;t feel quite right for me.  sorry, thats my view here, but i am sure you will amaze all the others that watch and listen to you.  best wishes, Matt

  • Anonymous

    Not only do you have a lovely voice – it is very distinctive – and I hear you standing out from the pack! Fantastic! (respectfully – a different point of view from Matt below) soak it for all the distinctive style you can – put yourself out there and you will gain some fantastic opportunities. I feel you have an excellent future.

  • KowBoy Tom

    April, I agree with G Alexander 100 per cent in not only do you have a lovely voice – it is very distinctive – and I hear you standing out from the pack! Fantastic!

    I also agree with Matt Jones. The effect on your voice is actually quite nice, however, it does not fit the video image. If  were just listening to you sing everything would be perfect. Its when I see your environment that the disconnect occurs. What my ear is hearing is not in sync with what my eye is seeing.

    -KowBoy Tom

  • David Wayne Fletcher

    I want to hear more, April. Very nice vocal. I rather liked your control.
    David Wayne Fletcher

  • tippy ferris

    Wow…!!!! have you ever thought about singing Country…???  Your vocals sound SO perfectly suited for it… I hear so much power and strength in your voice. I can see you right up there w/some of the greats….Super job..!!!

  • Hiya April,

    Great stage name by the way!  You’ve got a lovely coo and natural vibrato in your voice.  You sound very young…when I close my eyes you sound a lot like Britney Spears.  Sarah’s got a very mature, original, voice and although you can pull this off it comes across much less emotional than the artist may have intended.  You’ve got some beautiful qualities.  However, I’d love to hear you singing from your belly and butt rather than your throat and nasal mask.  This in itself will broaden your range, and increase the robustness of your voice.  Not bashing..all in all I really like where you’re going…I look forward to more!



  • Al Rice

    Lovely …you have a very unique sound.
    Write something of your own that will enable you to show off.    Some pitch correcting devices may help.

  • April Story

    Thank you everyone for the comments!! The feedback is helping a lot :)