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Articles by Rachel Bennett

  • The Case: A Rigid Voice

    The Singer: Leyla, 21 years old with aspirations and seeking insight from many vocal coaches Case Summary: Leyla arrived with a level of frustration at what she called her ‘school choir’ voice. She was unable to produce vibrato and felt that her voice sounded ‘young’. She had made several unsuccessful

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  • The Case: A Lost Ear

    The Case: A Lost Ear The Singer: Alex, 18 years old, a musical theatre student. Case Summary: Alex arrived on the course with exceptionally poor pitch but was accepted because of his dance skills. He was tense and anxious so I decided to take the music outside of his body for a while. A Lost […]

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  • The Case: Trapped in a Genre

    Learn how to sing with feeling across genres. Rachel Bennett shows the way.

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  • The Probing Begins

    “Sometimes one creative idea can move you past months of performance blocks” –says Rachel Bennett

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  • The Case: Out of Control Vibrato

    Sandra wanted to get more singing gigs but faced a huge challenge with her vibrato dropping her out of tune.

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