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Avelyne Sounds – Why Don’t You (original)

Bio: If there is something I can’t live without it’s music. Music is my life! But music wasn’t my life until about 2 years ago. Yeah… about 2 years ago, (November 2008), I fell in love. I fell in love with someone who was obsessed with music. So I wanted to write a song. Just for this one person I taught myself how to play the guitar and I wrote a song. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. But I fell in love with something else. Music. I started to make music every day and I wrote a new song every month. The most songs I wrote were about this broken heart I had, because it didn’t work out between us. And now, about 2 years later, I’m still writing my own music. And I hope… that you will love it the same way as I do!^^

  • Hello

    Sing a little louder.. I can't hear your voice that good. But I can say that I like it better when you sing on the lighter parts out in the song. Then you voice becomes more clear. Good Luck!

  • Avelyne

    thanks for your advice ;)

  • Hello Avelyne,

    I can tell that this song wells up a lot of emotion in you. A huge part of being a strong front person is learning how to bring those feelings out with relentless passion, without breaking down the quality of performance. Alas, heartbreak is the stuff of many a hit song, so do spill :) I notice that you mostly sing from your throat, which can create a breathy or biting effect per the desired effect. Singing from there all of the time wears your voice out quick, which is apparent near the end of your song. Practice singing as much as you practice thinking about love and you will find a rewarding symbiosis between your heart, your voice, and your music :)