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Baha Men: Singing to Satisfy the Soul

Baha Men: Singing to Satisfy the SoulThe Grammy Award winning group Baha Men are famous their version of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’. But they’ve actually been together since the late 70s…

Lead singer of Baha Men, Rick Carey, discusses his singing career and what’s ahead for their group:

Everyone has heard your music but may not be familiar with the Baha Men. Tell me a little bit about the group & your origins…
I have been a member since the year 2000 but the band has senior members that have been around from since the late 70’s but under a different name – “High Voltage.” We are still 9 members strong. I was told that I was literally “Born” into Music, since my Mom (Portia Butterfield-Nottage) was the lead vocalist and my Dad (Pat Carey) who still is the Lead Guitarist of the group, would remind me of old stories that my Mom was literally singing and entertaining while she was preggers with me.

What do you try to bring to the group?
Now that I’m older with a family of my own, I try my best to live by a very simple philosophy: If creating music is the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last thing you think of when you go to sleep, then it is mandatory that you pursue it not just as a career, but to satisfy your soul. Being with Baha Men all these years has exposed me to world of some really cool experiences and has taken me to places around the world that I never thought I would visit.

You have new music coming out this quarter, what can we expect from “Ride With Me”?
I am really excited about our upcoming release “Ride with Me.” This single is all about “Island Hopping” in my homeland, The Bahamas, taking. We all know many people would love to go if they haven’t already experienced it, and being musical ambassadors of our country, how could we not try to get our fans and people around the world to come and vacation in the Bahamas!

You have a Grammy, you songs have been in many movies, and you have many accolades, what has been the highlight of your career so far?
I’m very appreciative of the academy for the Grammy Award, Nickelodeon for our 2 Kids’ Choice Awards and to the Billboards for our 2 awards. Being from a very small country, this is massive for us Bahamians and to this day we still are the only Artists in this country that has this award. This still is very inspiring and dear to me.

You really hit the big time with the song “Who Let The Dogs Out”. How did that song come about and how did your life change after that song.
The song was a big hit in Trinidad Carnival back in 1996 or so, written by Anselm Douglas. The record company at the time who had followed and guided the Baha Men’s career for many years, felt strongly about this song and wanted the band to do a rendition of it. When you have a hit song like that, Doors open in places that would be closed to many, opportunities come at you from all directions, everyone wants a piece of you so we as a few small town boys from the Islands had to always be prepared for “EVERYTHING” that came our way, and we loved every single moment of it.


The group hold a Grammy Award, two Kids’ Choice Awards and two Billboard Music Awards.

Tell me one thing from growing up musically that stuck with you and helped shape you musically today and you stick carry with you and think back on and smile.
I remember when I was a Drummer in a local band back in 1997, the band leader always used to tell me that I would be going places and doing big things and traveling the world….to which I responded, “Man you talkin’ s**t!” I always thought that this was something that I would only get to watch my Dad and the rest of the band experience, because Pops would always tell me about his travels performing in Japan and elswhere. I NEVER thought that 4 years later that Baha Men’s Reality would also be mine. Go figure….

Any plans to tour with the new EP? Especially around the Nashville area?
The whole team at EXI are making sure that we do tour to promote this upcoming EP. Hopefully we have still have loyal fans in Nashville too. We’d LOVE to come there and put on a Kick Ass concert. Hopefully I’d get to run into Taylor Swift in her creative process in Nashville too….Hint Hint……….Hint! Lol!

Anything else you want the fans to know about the Baha Men or anything you want to say to the fans?
I just want all of our fans know that worked really hard to put these records together along with #BlackShadowRecords and being signed by #SonyMusic we are looking forward to bringing you that #Energetic #Bahamian #IslandVibe that #BahaMen has been known for. We have nothing but absolute love for all of you!


Grammy Award winning artists Baha Men originate from Nassau, Bahamas. Their music is modernized form of Bahamian music known as Junkanoo. They are well known for their version of “Who Let The Dogs Out?” and have many studio albums. The group hold a Grammy Award, two Kids’ Choice Awards and two Billboard Music Awards.

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