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Balancing A Career Of YouTube And Gigs

Christina Rotondo has performed at Download Festival in England and has reached over 40,000 subscribers on her ever expanding YouTube channel.

She shares the lesson she has learned since she began her voyage into the online and on-stage music industry.

When it comes to singing, what is the difference between YouTube and the stage?
You can be the best vocalist when you’re at home and the worst when you’re playing live shows. It doesn’t matter how much you prepare for it – you get a totally different kind of adrenaline on stage, and everything is so much louder. Even with in ears monitors, it’s difficult not to get lost in the atmosphere on stage and sometimes your voice isn’t going to sound pitch perfect.

What’s the secret to performing comfortably in front of a camera?
Practice makes perfect, you will eventually get used to it. I was terrible at it at first as it felt strange. But if it’s something you really want to do, you’ll stick with it and it will eventually feel natural.

What sort of camera should an aspiring YouTuber invest in?
Any DSLR will be great to record with, and I would recommend getting a good lens too with a good depth of field (about 1.8) for that lovely blurry background. A Nikon d5100 is what all of my videos are recorded with.

Can it be done on a budget?
Most smart phones will record 1080p high quality video. And for sound, go in the bathroom! The acoustics will give lovely reverb to your singing.

Most smart phones will record 1080p high quality video. And for sound, go in the bathroom!

Besides your YouTube channel, do you gig often?
I do! Not so much solo performance as I need to work on writing more music, but my band Faultlines play frequent shows and will soon start touring the UK.

Tell us something you have learned about being a full time singer
Sometimes your vocals just don’t sound great and you just have to rest. I recently went through an ill period where I genuinely thought that I had lost my voice, and it just wasn’t going to come back. If you’re sick don’t force your voice – just rest and it’ll come back naturally.

How do you look after your voice?
I recently discovered the power of steaming. It works especially well before a show. You can literally feel your throat becoming more hydrated and smooth.

What is unique about your voice?
I like to keep my British accent. I wouldn’t put on a ‘fake’ voice to sing, and I sing with the same accent I speak with. I’m sure some people find that really strange though considering how widespread the American accent is in pop music.

What have you learned about social media?
Social media will always be any artist’s friends – and I don’t mean by spamming links or hoping that someone will eventually see it. Create content you think is great and that you believe in. Make a social media account on every website – share it, and get your friends involved!

Create content you think is great and that you believe in

If you had to pick your favorite social media?
Personally I love Twitter and Instagram. They’re just so instant and they don’t require an email to see that someone has responded.

What have you learned about the music industry so far?
Sometimes it’s best not to mix friendships and business, but it’s a mistake I make time and time again. Just because someone is incredibly talented it doesn’t mean they’re going to be loyal. Even your friends will let you down.


Christina Rotondo is at the forefront of her millennial generation, creating content for her fast expanding YouTube channel and singing for her band ‘Faultlines’. She is a BIMM graduate who has been busy working alongside brands to boost her online profile as a professional artist.

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