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Barry Quinn – Rolling in the Deep cover

I’m a 26 year old Irish male, residing in Vancouver. BA(Hons)Popular Music, this is the dream kids!! This is definitely not my best version of this song, but here you go!!

  • KowBoy Tom

    Barry Quinn, good live performance. Next time make a point of making periodic eye contact with your audience instead of looking around into nowhere. A good way to get comfortable doing this is to go play around at your local open mics. You’re good, now go take the next step. Play TO me, not AT me. Dig?

    KowBoy Tom

  • Hiya’ Barry,

    Whew, tough
    one to cover, especially so fresh out of the box. Adelle? She’s so freaking
    unique, you really want to be careful covering a song that you can improve on
    or at least emulate at a comparable level.

    Thing is…you’re good but Adelle is
    great!  Pick something that you can rage
    on…anything less is, well…less. I can see you doing a Jack Johnson, John
    Mayer, or Jim Croce type vibe and killing it brother! All in all good
    performance – keep hammering those strings!

    anytime you notice your neck veins are gorging with blood and popping out is a good
    indication that you’re hurting your voice.




  • Al Rice

    GUTSY!   A hard copy for a guy… Not bad.  but..  Really difficult to watch you as you look so distracted by something to your left.  The vocals came across with no personality because of your failure to make eye contact with the audience. I’d love to see a re-do of this.