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Bauner Chafin – Hallelujah cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Jeannie Deva:

I appreciate that you worked on putting your own “spin” on this song. And, you also developed the emotion and dynamic of the song as you went along, which is perfect. At this point in your development, your musical ideas are a bit beyond your ability to execute them. This is great from the standpoint that, if you use it this way, you are pushing yourself to grow; challenging yourself to do and achieve more rather than live in a careful comfort zone. So vocally, having the exercises that will help you achieve more range with total ease would be the ticket. On another note, all the reverb you used might sound good in your room, and I get the mood you were trying to achieve. On camera without a top of the line recording device, it sounds boomy and reduces the quality for the listener. Check out the videos that I’m including in each of the four weeks of my vocal coach residency here – there may be some cool exercises you can use to begin widening your range and vocal ease.