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Be Cynical and Quietly Furious

“We don’t need no education” packs a powerful lesson –says Greg Barker

The other morning my kids were complaining about the school day ahead.

This opened up the glorious privilege of introducing them to a part of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’:

“We Don’t Need No Education. We Don’t Need No Thought Control…Hey, Teacher. Leave Them Kids Alone!”

(They were delighted, of course —finally some music to match their feelings!)

After they left (for, hopefully, more than thought control…), I let the recording wash over me.

I was captured again how the vocal “attitude” was an exact emotional match for the music and words.

In this case, a droning, cynical and quietly furious tone that gradually builds in its angry intensity.

The Most Important Thing

I can’t tell you how many times well known singers – and those who listen to their performances – tell me: “it’s the emotional connection that counts.”

More than ornamentation.

More than technical perfection.

So, what is the emotional match to your next song?

Get your answer and go for it – even if you believe that match should by cynical and quietly furious in nature…or tender and trusting.

Writers ask this question too – what is my voice? Perhaps it’s the most important question for all of us in the arts.

When you have your answer, sing as if there’s no tomorrow.