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Be Fearless

Keep going, even when you’re completely blank -says Sarah Bella

Have songs you’re embarrassed to say you wrote?

I know I do, but at the end of the day, these “bad” ones are good practice; continue to push yourself even when it if feels like you’ve got nothing.

Write everyday and be fearless.

Even on days where you feel completely blank, write at least some lyrics or melody.

I have found it’s so important to always exercise that writing muscle.

A complete song everyday might be pushing it, but at least one part or idea will keep your mind on pace.

Even when I was at home with a newborn from the hospital, I continued to write. A bit less than usual, yes, but I still kept my mind on track.

It ended up paying off.

A complete song came to me during one of my middle of the night feeding sessions, and one I really liked!

But I wrote quite a few “practice” songs before another solid one came out.

Bottom line, write.

Write whatever you can as much as you can without worrying if it’s any good.

There will be a lot of garbage, but every pile of junk has a hidden treasure!