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Beat The Winter Vocalist Blues

Beat The Winter Vocalist Blues
February serves out its fair share of Winter blues, so we asked you…

How do you pick yourself up and get inspired to sing?

You said the biggest pick-me-up was sharing the joy of singing and remembering the reason why you picked up the microphone in the first place.

Brad Weston says it’s all about sharing opportunities and supporting others:

“As a karaoke host I’m probably a little lower on the musician totem pole than most here, but the thing is I get the chance to give people the same great feeling I get when singing, that’s inspiration right there!”

Nefertiti says self-reflection provides a boost of inspiration and motivation:

“I’m not the best writer or vocalist, but there have been many times where my strength came from going back and listening to my originals and trying to make the lyrics and melody better. There are so many incredible songs that capture emotions so well, it is great to find artists and music that inspires you. But there’s something about your originals……sometimes you need to remind yourself about your message and get excited about your voice!”

Carolyn Cahill agrees that a bit of homework does the trick:

“Music documentaries, for when you are feeling a bit down and unmotivated.”

Mark Ryan has to be in the thick of it and surrounded by other musicians to get going:

“Scanning the crowd. Watching the other bands. Pacing back and forth. Running in place. But more than any of these, realizing that I am about to go do the one thing that provides me with more joy than any other experience I’ve ever known.”

So, our Winter remedies are to involve yourself in your local music community, put on some classic records and remember why you love to sing!

Next month we ask you to reveal your weird and wonderful warm up rituals. Join the chat on our Facebook page.

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