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Becca Cole – Other Side Of The World – KT Tunstall (COVER)

Hello! My name is Becca but I go by the name ‘Becca de la Musique’ :) I’ve been playing guitar ever since I was little but only started singing a few years ago! I’m a student at the University of Warwick so when I’m not working hard (cough PARTYING) I tend to pick up my guitar and sing to youtube! I’ve been taken aback by all of the positive feedback I’ve been receiving on youtube and my myspace (myspace.com/beccadelamusique)and can’t thank those who listen to my music enough :) So! Enough from boring old me… I do enough blabbering in my videos anyway! Lots of love, Becca! x

  • Hello!

    I'm actually Becca, the girl in this video :)
    I'm so happy that voicecouncil.com wanted me on their website!
    I feel I should say that I've never had singing lessons in my life, in fact I only began singing a couple of years ago so if ANYONE has any tips or comments then I would be so so so grateful!

    Thank you,
    Becca x

  • G_Alexander

    Hi Becca, I've been around this business for a while – and you have talent. You not only have good vocal ability – but you also have the beginnings of a unique style. My feeling is that the best way for you to take steps forward is to gig all you can and let yourself feel your way into who you are as a singer. It will happen as you put yourself out there and evaluate. It's great to see you up here on voicecouncil. You're good.

  • vocaltutor

    This is truly fabulous. Such a clear vocal, with a lovely unique sound. Well Done. Keep it up.

  • ronb15

    wondeful! really awesome!

  • Hello Becca,

    “Other Side's” an intriguing number :) You're fun to watch and couldn't have picked a better room for a visual backdrop to your brightly colored countenance. The dark eye liner is a nice offset to the fire like hair! But it's much more than that isn't it? It's about the song…take away the face and place the song on the radio and all we have is the mental visual encouraged by the song, to interact with.

    I've gotten in the habit of doing this for a while now, when reviewing material. I walk into the other room and listen, while the music is playing for its first run. Some of these songs reel me right back in. Yours didn't grab at me until about half way through but I do like the song. I've watched/heard the video three times now.

    You have a unique voice but your pitch can be hit or miss. I adore it when you reach in and spit out soul. After all, “Other Side” is kind of a tongue in cheek message. The song's cool, the vibe is there, and you deliver it well…practice totally going off with your music…get Aretha with it…haha.

    Often you'll hear folks talk about what a great live band so and so is, but not so much on their recording. Sometimes we can fake ourselves out when we have more senses to perceive something with. By closing the eyes and opening the ears we see with our hearts and that my friend is where you most certainly must strike :) Keep up the good work!



  • tomvanruiten

    I like the vibe of this song…good job.