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Becoming Original

It’s time to infuse your work with new approaches music –says John Kjøller of Basix

There I was, working alone in the studio.

I was fiddling around with my “logic” program, trying to make a rhythmic pattern conform to how I had envisioned it in my head.

Accidentally, I shifted things a little to the right so that now my rhythm was off beat.

I listened. Paused. Listened again. Hmmm. This sounded interesting…

…and actually led to an entirely new and more energetic version of my song.

What’s “Original”?

Usually when we think of being “original” we think in terms of the sound of our voice, its modes, inflections, effects, etc.

That “mistake” with my software reminds me that there is an entirely different side to finding our originality as vocalists.

Play Around.

You can play around with so many things like who you work with, what musical styles you try out, how you do your PR, what kind of gigs you accept/try to get.

You’d be surprised: “you” are much more than you thought.

You can do more than you thought – and your music can be spread in other ways than you thought.

Imagine, for example, what might happen if you chose a song, changed the melody and the style, found a musician you haven’t worked with before, and asked him/her to play with you on the song.

And then talked to your aunt’s-boyfriend’s-uncle who perhaps works at a cool cafe, about creating a “song of the month” at the cafe – playing the song MANY times, for a month, and leaving your name on a flyer, for people to bring home.

Change and expand this idea! (I won’t charge you for it!)

You can (and should) work on your originality in terms of your voice…

…just remember, however, that you can find your “voice” in whatever you do.

-John Kjøller of Basix

My Reaction to this week’s Peer Review Vid.

Kassie Murillo – ‘Marry You’ (cover)

How fun to hear this song with a ukulele! Cool, Kassie! Also, I love the idea of pulling this song in an acoustic-goes-R&B direction. Whenever you can, try to get the mic closer to you rather than the instrument you play – I want to hear your voice over the instrument. Add a cool break-beat, play a little less on the ukulele – and you’ll have fun new version! Then add a little more with the melody…put a little more “you” in there. You could, for example, make 2nd verse “your” verse! Tell yourself: “in this verse I am not a allowed to sing more than 5 notes like they were in the original!” I’d love to hear how that turns out…

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With a grand total of 4 international CARA awards, including “Best European Album” and “Best Holiday Album” the Danish vocal pop group Basix has proven themselves to be among the very best of a cappella groups worldwide. Follow the group on www.basix.dk or www.facebook.com/basix