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Before you Know Its Gone (Original) Ciarán Brennan © 2009

26 year old singer songwriter from Dublin Ireland.. Serial youtube video maker of original music atronb15’s channel.

  • russ

    nice song, keep dem comin ciaran

  • rachelashe

    as always its brilliant hun! love it!

  • Mikee

    Bloody good song, well done Ciaran

  • hannah

    well done hun :) xx

  • CousinSusie

    What An AMAZING Song This Is Ciaran!! The Lyrics are really so true and evryone can relate too!! Your Vocals are AWESOME As Always & So Is Your Guitar Playing!! Good Luck on your up coming Gigs too Buddy, I'd be there if I could!! ; – )

  • Kiki

    I got your mail on youtube so i said, let's check it out! Well, you are great. We need more musicians like you man. your lyrics are very good and you can say that they come deep from your heart! I love your style and I'm already a fan! I'm so happy for your first gig and I know you will to great! Good luck!
    Love, Kiki

  • ronb15

    Thanks everyone so much ! Ciaran

  • connordaniel

    One of the best singer/songwriters on youtube
    Awesome lyrics always…and an amazing voice
    Just wish we could come to your first gig to
    support you!! It will be brilliant though :-)

  • kimmo

    Fantastic mate! Love this song, just as I love the rest of your songs. Very gifted you are.

  • paulshoebridge

    good stuff man

  • Josh

    If I had one wish it would be to be able to sing like you!! You are an awesome musician and more importantly a great human being!! Congrats on being here you deserve all accolades that come your way.

  • Hello Ciaran!

    Awesome song! You've sort of got a David Gray quality to your voice. I really enjoy the velveteen treatment you've delivered on this song. You have a strong voice, good vibrato, and pretty steady pitch. You sing and play to the song, which is something a lot of young artists have difficulty with. Often the instrumentation and vocal tend to compete…not with you…you offer up plenty of space to support the lyric of the song.

    Nice lyrics…plenty thoughtful. I'd love to hear this song done up in a studio. I can hear a second guitar playing a counter melody across your own and some string builds as the song climaxes to its end. I definitely would keep it natural and authentic…violins, cellos and the like with a nice tight, dry drum kit…maybe even some light percussion…how about a stop about 3/4 way into the song and then a big hook!

    You do a good job of looking into the camera and then away for those contemplative moments…it helps tell the story of the song…sometimes your listener doesn't even need to know the words…with the right expression, musical and vocal emotion, you can take your listener almost anywhere. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece with us! :) Oh, I like how you wound down the end also! Smart to add a lil narrative at the end…hardly anyone has even done that…this gives us a chance to view you as a person. Cool. I hope you do that live as well…keep it real!!!



  • ronb15

    Thanks so much Brian.. I really appreciate your feedback! i d love to do it properly in studio and see what i could make of it !

    Once again many thanks for your kind words !