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Being Unique

This week we’re looking at what makes your music or singing different from everybody else!

Throughout musical history there have been many artists who have made a difference due to their sound being uncommon and distinct. In fact, those who strived to be different have done more to shape music throughout the years than those who just went with the flow…

We’d like to hear what it is that separates you from the crowd!

So the question is: “What is it that makes your music unique?”

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Great Comments from Last Week:

Last week I asked, “What album or song changed your life and why?”

There were some great answers to this one – thanks to all who got involved! Kathy Coneys Alexander shared this on our Facebook wall:

I love these types of questions where people talk about specific songs. The song, Imagine, John Lennon. I performed this when I was 12 and it has always stayed with me.”

Thanks for all your comments last week. Don’t forget to get involved this week too!

– J.