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Bely – Everytime We Touch cover

Hey! I’m a 20 year old singer from Spain. I study business administration at university, but also play at little gigs every month, everywhere I can. I couldn’t live without music.

  • Hi Bely,

    Kind of a weak start but you pick it up as you warm up. I can tell you’re more comfy in the hooks than the verses. You’ve got a soft quality to your voice and countenance that I feel many will relate to. You were very engaging to the video audience with your new kitty but you never look at us again throughout your performance. Oh wait…we did get a quick glance back at 2:42 into the song. You’re cute and your fans will want to know you’re singing to them. Not trying to discourage you. I’d like to hear you singing from your bum and your belly. Most of your voicings come from your throat and vocal mask which sound cool but I think you’ll found more vocal control when you start singing from your core. You’re awesome Bely and hope you keep working hard. Thanks for sharing!