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Best Tips for Musicians on Facebook, YouTube and Social Media

Best Tips for Musicians on Facebook, YouTube and Social Media
Loren Weisman helps musicians around the world become more savvy with their promotion.

He knows the industry: Loren Weisman has worked on 700+ albums as a drummer, ghost player, producer and consultant.

And he’s just completed his 3rd book on the Music Business: Music Business for Dummies – out now.

We asked Loren to answer our questions in just a sentence or two in this exclusive interview for VoiceCouncil Magazine to share some of the best tips for musicians online:

A smart way to promote a local gig?
Make it more than a gig. Make it an event. Whether it’s giveaways mixed with contests or the launching of something new. Give the potential attendee a reason to come whether they are just hearing of you or have been to a dozen shows.

Make it more than a gig. Make it an event.

A social media FAIL by singers/musicians?
Thanking their 500th, 1000th, 5000th like or follower. This disrespects all the others that have been liking and following before. Be aware of your entire fan base, not just hitting superficial numbers.

A great thing you’ve seen for getting people at gigs to keep engaged between gigs?
Easter Egg hunts: posting pictures of the show and seeing if they can find a certain “where’s waldo” type item or even a fan wearing a certain shirt. This is marketing and content engagement about what they saw before, during or after the show that might have nothing to do with the music.

Can you give an example?
“Does anyone know the story behind that guy by the bar that kept taking his shirt off?” These continue to engage the audience to think back to the show, while becoming more of a part of it and not just focusing on the music.

When do social media posts become SPAM?
The constant push to like, share, follow, donate and pressure a fan is spam. The redundant sell is spam. While you need to constantly sell, the answer comes in content that leads to promotion, not promotion to push the sale.


Using the right primary keyword phrases for blogs and videos improves your SEO

A lesson you learned about social media the hard way?
Sharing a personal experience a number of years back led to a stalker that ended up trying to date an ex-girlfriend. I keep all core personal stuff offline.

One thing a musician/group can do to come up higher on a Google search?
Formatting blogs and videos with the right primary keyword phrases and best practices for SEO.

Does a singer need to get on YouTube?
Yes. Its not just about showcasing your voice, it is about highlighting who you are, what you would be like to work with and your approach.

One thing you wish singers would never do in a Facebook post?
Stop with the arrogant hype and bashing other singers and musicians. It is petty, only making you look bad and getting you passed over for potential opportunities.

Even More Best Tips for Musicians on Facebook, YouTube and Social Media:

One thing I can do to create better Facebook posts.

Start with a title, a grabber and a headline to pull people in and draw their interest over a long-winded paragraph.

Great example of a local musician getting opportunities through social media.

Well for independent musicians: branding, branding, branding. Creating and reinforcing the logo, the font and the uniform tagline and bio to allow for a greater build in recognition.

Should a musician sell stuff online or only at gigs?

Online, at gigs, through distribution channels and any other place possible.

A FOOLISH way for musicians to spend money on promotion.

Radio campaigns and online ads without having the right content to lead people back to. If you spend a small fortune on ads without having the content and brand in place for people to see, you have just directed a whole bunch of people to see what might only be “coming soon.”

What do big singing stars not “get” about social media?
They don’t understand that they can simply engage with short phrases because of the promotional and marketing campaign behind them. Their engagement comes from their celebrity and their existing publicity. Smaller independent artists CANNOT follow their format if they want results.

Top tip you would give to someone just before they film their first YouTube video.
Make it about an introduction: talk about you, your inspirations, your influences and who you are. Don’t even sing! Think in the mind set of numerous videos to engage and connect with fans over trying to make the perfect video to draw the world in.

Three best tips for musicians that they should be practicing on social media.
1. Always engaging before making the sale. The call to action comes after the content. Create the interest for the people that have already bought your products, picked up your music and come to your shows as well as for the people that are coming across you for the very first time.

2. Work across different content mediums. Blogs, Videos, Audios, Pictures and Links to be shared.

3. Sign up for every site. Reserve your name and your brand. Even if you are not using a site, don’t let anyone else get it.

Loren Weisman Bio

Loren Weisman is a Music Business Advisor, Speaker & Author. He organizes, optimizes and implements individualized branding, marketing and content plans for start up and established entertainment businesses. His new book Music Business for Dummies is available now.

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