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Better to be fit?

This week we’re asking if being fit makes you a better singer!

There are many reasons to keep fit and doing so can have many personal benefits. We’d like to know: do you think that one of these benefits is that you are able to sing better as a result…

So the question is: “Is it important to be physically fit to sing well…what are your thoughts?”

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Great Comments from Last Week:

Last week I asked, “What’s your own personal motto when it comes to singing and making music?”

Barbara Joy posted this comment on our Facebook wall:

“Play the way you feel it, bring your heart and soul into each performance, whether for one or one hundred thousand people as your audience”

Thanks for all your responses last week. We love hearing what you have to say, so don’t forget to join in this week too!


  • Mudcat914

    Besides singing I must play harmonica from a rack so it can take a great deal of air and becomes quit a work out. In order to do this I have to stay in good shape and work out regularly, so yes, I think it’s very important. Also the act of performing on stage is in itself a physical workout. When I “Play” I don’t hold back.

  • Definitely important for me for control, and it helps overall confidence. Some amazing singers seem to get by without it, but I guess I don’t know that for sure. If they are out there, imagine how good they could be if they spend a few hours a week on physical fitness?! I certainly think fitness is a positive to anyone’s life.