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Beyond the Microphone – Your Essential Gear

This month we asked our Facebook followers which pieces of gear provide studio magic and stage power.

The faithful monitor was mentioned by Kathy Alexander:

“My VoiceSolo means I am totally self-contained – I have effects and I can use it as a monitor or on an emergency it can act as both my monitor and my FOH.”

Diane Pettipas praises cutting edge in-ear monitors:

“I love my IEMs. Never having to worry about working monitors is a beautiful thing. Hearing myself is priceless!”

Joe Ma is getting experimental with vocal effects:

“My Play Acoustic and BeatBuddy, although pretty new with both of them at this point…”

…and Miles Jackson enthuses about a modern classic:

“My TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch really brings my voice to life and brings lots of diversity to our set.”

In the studio Khalid Nurredin takes vocal production seriously:

My vintage Digitech Studio Vocalist EX has harmony, doubling, de-essing, pitch correction and vibrato reduction in one piece of gear.

Finally, Karen Warner reminds us of the essentials:

“A cup holder for my mic stand…so I can quench my thirst and toast the crowd!”

Whether boosting our natural sparkle or expanding our sonic landscape, it is nice to have a helping hand. We are also reminded that our ears are just as important as our voices!

What pieces of gear bring the magic and power to your performances?

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