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Billy O’Con – Gone Without A Trace

My name is Billy O’Con. I am a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Natchitoches,LA. I currently front a band called Good Man’s Brother in Shreveport, LA. Songwriting is my true passion-I’ve been doing it most of my life; so with that said, I hope you enjoy. Peace to all of you.

  • Hi Billy,

    Hey the tune sounds great!  You’re quite a guitar player and your pitch is right on!  Great vibrato too.  This song sounds so familiar…hard to believe it’s an original – but a nice one to boot.  I notice you’re singing a lot from your mask, which creates a gritty nazal sound…plenty of rockers do it.  Are you singing through your nose on purpose to capture that sound?  Not trying to pick…just you’re so good, why not relax it brother?

  • Mike

    I haven’t heard you since a performance on the riverbank in Natch in the VERY early 80’s.  Still playing, too, living in Indiana, after moving in and out of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri.  Nice tune, nice solo. 

    Mike McCallister

  • Anonymous

    Billy this is a really great song.  I love your guitar playing!

  • Amy Hyams Fell


  • Sheilab-138

    Great song!! vocal and guitar are both awesome. Best song I’ve heard in a long time. Thumbs up.*****

  • Angelj17

    Billy, as you already know, I believe you are the “best”.  Love your music, but especially love the music inside of you.  Judy :)