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Review: Sing Anything

Sing anything

Can you really sing anything in less than 100 pages?

Item: Sing Anything: Mastering Vocal Styles by Gina Latimerlo and Lisa Popeil, published by Amazon.

Price: Amazon.com:  Kindle 9.98, Paperback: 19.95 USD / Amazon.co.uk: Kindle 7.69, Paperback: 13.09 GBP

Mic rating: 4/5

At a glance: This book claims to help you sing in whatever way YOU choose. This book is for singers who wish to understand basic breathing, anatomy and the ‘stylisms’ of different genres. The authors, Lisa Popeil and Gina Latimerlo are both professional performers who run highly successful teaching studios.

High notes: This book is almost like a recipe book where, at a glance, you can learn technique combinations of any chosen genre. The title doesn’t lie! This is a great format for beginners or those who wish to unpick a particular style. The ethos is refreshing too – the authors continuously remind the reader that they are in charge of how they want to sound; no aesthetic bias here.

Off pitch: Although this book is beautifully simple, it sometimes makes generalisations that could be argued. For example, the authors recommend a low tongue and larynx for an RnB sound, which is disputable, especially as they use Stevie Wonder as an example.

Review: Sing Anything in less than 100 pages? Well, yes almost. It’s an easy place to start at least. This book is a quick and relevant read for all contemporary singers. You can pick and mix from a variety of quirky ‘stylisms’ and techniques to create a voice that is all yours.

The authors also manage to cram in some basics about breathing and posture. This book could be very valuable for accomplished singers who may actually know very little about how their voice works. It rates low on geeky, heavy terminology and high on accessible, applicable soundbites. So, if you’re technique shy, you’ll fare well with this book. The chapters are broken down into bite size chunks and there are audio clips, photos and diagrams, and a helpful glossary.