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Review: Vocal Health for Singers

Does this book answer your burning question about vocal health?

Item: Vocal Health for Singers by Anthony F. Jahn, published by TC-Helicon.

Price: Amazon.com: paperback 14.99 USD or Kindle 10.29 USD /Amazon.co.uk: paperback 12.02 GBP or Kindle 7.98 GBP.

Mic rating: 5/5

At a glance: This book is crammed full of real questions from real singers, and answered by a renowned New York otolaryngologist, voice professor and medical director with a specialist interest in the professional voice – so you know the advice is up to date and trustworthy. 12 chapters cover everything from colds, reflux and mucus to surgery, medications and asthma – simply, everything you need to know about to keep your voice healthy.

High notes: The format and concept is highly original and seriously accessible. Rather than having to wade through page after page of medical and physiology texts, a singer or singing teacher can flip straight to the answer they require. And the answers are both deeply informative yet easily understandable. It’s light on jargon and full of real life applications.

Off pitch: Because the questions are grouped into themes, if you read this book cover to cover you may find yourself re-reading the same answer. However, sometimes good advice bears repeating! Also, do bear in mind that much of the medication referred to is only available in certain countries – primarily the USA, so you may need to do additional research or ask a medical professional in your country.

Review: This book is a worthy addition to any singer’s bookshelf. As, when they are in their hour of need, this book is there to help them with minimal fuss and effort. It would also be advisable for teachers of voice to become acquainted with the more common problems and solutions to better advise their students. Some of the questions are general such as, “When to drink water and why?” And some of the questions are much more niche such as, “Are my wisdom teeth causing vocal trouble?” So, the book is not going to be 100% relevant to everyone, but many of the chapters will still provide much needed answers to YOUR vocal worries. It would be interesting to see this book expand into further additions, from ‘100 questions’ to 200, 300, 400…to create the ultimate collection!