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Hi Leontine,

I’m wondering if my current lack of motivation for singing means that I should really start looking for another career. I suppose I want you to reveal the answer! I know you can’t do that but what insight do you have for me?


Hi Gerry,

It’s not wrong to raise the possibility that life as a professional singer is no longer what you actually want. We do need to ask ourselves the big questions but without wallowing in them.

What else could you be doing? If you were never to perform again, would you miss it? Would it be enough for you to pursue it as a hobby?

Visualize these possibilities in your mind and see how it makes you feel. Try not to think too much but tune into your immediate response. There are plenty of other worthwhile things to do and there are too many unemployed singers in any case. If you do discover that you do want to pursue life as a performer then consider a good life coach or someone in whom you can confide, someone who can help to guide you through.

We cannot do things alone in this world. Talk, communicate and get the help, advice and inspiration you need from experts.

If you do decide to give your singing career a “go”, then start investing in it every day, within a strict time limit. You may spend one hour a day on your career and no more for a whole week. You’ll be surprised at how quickly that hour goes by and how annoying it is that you are not allowed longer.

If possible, find someone you can pay $12 (£7)/hour to work on marketing you for one morning each week. You will be forced to delegate and to make decisions and plans in the same way. Advertise on gumtree.com

…And book yourself a gig TODAY, so that you have no choice but to get going.

Leontine Hass

Advanced Performers Studio