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Bouncing Back?

This week we’re looking at how best to move on from a gig that didn’t quite go the way we planned it.   

Lets admit it, not every experience we have on stage is going to be a good one. Sometimes our performance might fall short of our expectations, or we could be faced with a particularly tough or unresponsive crowd. Either way, the post-gig disappointment that follows can be difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, without these mistakes we wouldn’t have room to grow. Like it or not these blunders are vital landmarks to our vocal journey, teaching us new skills and warning us of potential pit-falls in the future. Here at Voice Council we’d like to hear your views on this.

So the question is: How do you bounce back from a bad gig?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: In your opinion, what’s the secret to a successful singing career?  

Matt Higgins wrote…

“Satisfying and inspirational relationships with other musicians, Love and feedback from those you respect, Still enjoying your craft at the age of 50, not wanting for more than you are willing to achieve, Pleasure whether you are singing personally or publicly. Success, Love it”!

Kathleen Connell commented…

“Success is a highly subjective concept. One person’s success is another’s abject failure. Does this question have economic success implied, or is it just your personal story? Either is a success”.

Inspired To Sing responded…

“Knowing who you are and not changing that for anyone. Also taking care of yourself and your voice and always learning more and taking risks”.

Vaughn Kristone wrote…

“A very loyal fan base who can actually buy your stuff and not illegally download your work. (In a perfect world, yes it’s about talent, but in reality it’s the purchasing power of your fan base that makes one truly successful)”.

Thanks for all your observations and insights this week guys. See you all again soon.