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Bradly Akeman – Colbie Caillat Cover – “I Never Told You”

Bio: 34/m Singer/Songwriter from Tampa FL.

  • Hello Bradley :)

    I didn't expect those sugary tones to come out of your rough-n-tumble exterior! Cool man. The swagger in your verses is really nice, kind of snakes up next to you and draws ya' in. “I Never Told You,” is a comfortable song, warm and fun. It's also easy to remember and sing along with, which are great traits to be mindful of in Western pop culture.

    I'm not sure where to place you as far as genres go, because right now your kind of in the middle of a few…a very “normal” vibe about you. Hey, Jimmy Buffet's made millions being a regular guy. You've got a style that with a little reformation could go a number of ways.

    Maybe mix it up? Try toying with a little bit of a southern rock character voicing on your verses and then bleed into a gut based blues inflection on your choruses. Call me crazy but I could totally hear some BLACKUP (not back up) singers doing counter melodies behind you :) Put a lil' Joe Cocker in it!

    Your music could also take a swing toward modern Americana, Country, or Southern Rock. Anyway ya' slice it…seems to me that the grassroots approach beckons you. Keep working out your music; you're on to something good here…just kick back and put yourself where you need to be to rip the emotion out of this number. “I Never Told You” could easily move from a good song to a great song with a few simple spices. You've got the meat, potatoes, and beans all cooked up…you have but to reach down deep and add the special ingredients to make this chilli a HOT one!



  • carol salmon

    love your voice brilliant

  • I like your version, your voice is a unique one, it gives a new feeling and more power to the song. great job! thumbs up :)