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Breath Control?

This week we’re exploring the issue of breath control in singing

When used correctly, breath control can be our best friend, allowing us to create sultry low notes and soaring falsetto melodies. However, too much breath in the wrong setting and you could be paving the way to vocal problems. This week, we’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences on this matter and find out how you manage breath control.

So the question is: How important is breath control for singing and what tips/advice would you give for managing it?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: What’s your favourite bit of gear you’ve ever used as a singer (microphones, loopers, effects processors, monitors, PA, etc.)?

Martin Debourge commented…

“Not sure if this will count as “gear”, but I don’t leave the house without my ‘strumbuddy’ – a gadget that attaches to my mic stand so I can display lyrics on my smart phone. Being dyslexic and unable to memorize lyrics, it has been a life saver to say the least”.

Rj Hall wrote…

“Shure 87c head microphone capsule on a UA system and Alien Ears in ear monitoring, these are life-safers and that capsule is one of the best I have sung through”.

Paul Asley posted…

“When I first sang through my TC Helicon MP-75 and Harmony G-XT, I loved it in an instant. Plus the mic feels really sleek and sexy to hold”!

Great discussion this week guys, looking forward to hearing your response to this weeks question.