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Brennin – Billie Jean (Cover)

Bio: I am a Pop/Rock singer/songwriter born in Oklahoma currently living in Nashville.

  • Hello Brennin,

    There are parts of this that I think are pretty kewl…it's a “cute” take on a song that came into fruition being very well produced from the time our ears first heard it. Not-to-mention Micheal's a tall order. You seem to struggle with this song, from a vocal perspective, any time you stretch outside of the main melody line.

    When it starts in, I was captivated by the stripped down approach but it falls dead pan at numerous points in the song. Just watch the vid…you'll be able to pick out the parts that make you feel uncomfortable. All in all it was a good attempt at doing something original with a cover song, but my personal feeling is that a cover song needs to provide something that its original did not, while still holding up as a “new feeling” song on its own.

    Here's what I would have done…and it's only one other person's imagination…you can go a million ways with anything. Being that it is stripped down I'd let it float in the same way you have. However, throughout the piece I'd probably incorporate subtle electronics to help build the song up and lend the impression that it's grooving at a good pace.

    Since, you sound strong on the melody lines, I'd use something like the Voice Live 2 to smack some crazy harmonies on the tag lines and hooks…even a radio effect, or something vocoded…basically, just textures that come in and out until the climax of the song. A guitarist/singer, Percussionist, and Computer…pretty good recipe for a stripped down yet dynamic sound…with trippy grooves! It's a sure fire way to sound big while keeping the overhead low :) Think about it?!

    You have good stage presence…too bad ya' don't have another friend to back you up on acoustic…you could throw that “way back yonder funk” into it. Since you're only a two piece let us see your percussionist…hey, has he ever looked into Roland's hand percussion controllers…they are sick! And, it'd give him an unlimited array of sounds to add to his already proficient use of traditional hardware. I'm not sure what your goals are…who do you feel your target audience is? How far do you want to go with your talents? You've got the brew of success about you so keep shedding wood and write some stuff of your own. I can't wait to hear a Brennin Original!!! I'll check your site now to see what else you've got in the mix :)



  • Hey Brennin,

    Your original music is waaaay cooler than this cover…good sound…kind of an Americana vibe to it…easy grooves…I like it. On and On, Don't Blame Me, and Right Here all kick ass. Man, post one of those! Peace :)



  • Cliftonthayer

    I realy dug this! Very creative… and you made the song your own.