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Brian K Stevenson – Cold – Sonic Erotica

Hello Friends! My name is Brian Stevenson. I help monitor the peer reviews site for the voice council. I thought I’d offer up a chance for you all to critique my live performance as well..fair’s fair! I welcome your complements and criticisms…after all how can any of us grow if we don’t listen to our peers suggestions? I’ve deeply enjoyed each peer review I’ve auditioned and wish all of you the greatest joy and success in your musical futures!!! This song, titled COLD, uses the Voice Live 1 & 2, Voice Tone Synth & Create. It’s a great time to be alive and TC Helicon has finally provided actual VOICE INSTRUMENTS for singers. Never one to be nostalgic…the future is ours to behold and redesign to our liking. I also thought it might be fun to show other singers what’s available to them in the way of voice processing, since TC (in my humble opinion) is unparalleled on a global level.

Namaste, Brian K. Stevenson

  • Hi Brian,
    First of all, congratulation on the performance, you were having a great time and that was a rocking show.
    You have a powerful voice, even when you moving and jumping around, you didn't miss any notes. The most important thing i learn from your video is, you did well as a frontman, you know how to entertain the crowd with your voice and your energy.
    I learn lots of things from your video, i hope i can be a better singer and performance in the future. Thanks to you.

    Wish you and Sonic Erotica all the best! Keep rocking!


  • ThePress_Cop1

    Brian –
    Awesome job! I especially like the Voicelive 2 effects you utilized. The Voicelive 1 is used on the back up vocals? Nice! You don't miss a beat, you control the audience all the while entertaining and singing – not missing a beat! Amazing job – band sounds great. Love the song! The only thing I wish is that you could post more videos! Awesome job!


  • Although I'm not familiar with the gear you used, I was very impressed with the vocals. Seems as though you picked the perfect effects for this particular song, which I'm sure was a tad daunting. The song seems to have much more life and depth than it would dry, so I applaud your work!

  • Hamiltone

    Very Nicely Done!!!

  • tracie

    Cold is diffently one of my favorite Sonic Erotica song. And once again you put on an amazing performance expecially since it was the first show in many years. I love the voice effects that you used and I thought you sounded bettter than ever!

  • Mirror_Man

    Yeah it's the guy wearing the funny hat again but, enough about me!

    There are certainly more than a mere three things that I love about what Brian and Sonic Erotica produces however, I'll TRY to keep it at three…

    Originality/Creativity: Okay….maybe it's two things, maybe it's not. I'll leave it up to you! Now, without a doubt, originality and creativity has always been what catches my attention first. If I've “heard it all before”, I would most likely dismiss it as white noise. The creation of a product that sounds like a regurgitation of something we've all heard before had always left a fowl taste in my mouth. These guys have always left me feeling minty fresh!

    Attention to Detail: These guys rehearse and make it their business to have their act together before an event and it shows! Any mistakes that may be made during a live event are so miniscule, they go unnoticed by the audience. They know their craft and equipment up and down and have the knowledge and experience to make it all flow together. I for one, would have no interest in what's being done if the artists don't have the interest in keeping their ducks in a row. I'd feed these ducks anytime….Wonder Bread even!

    Passion: Brian and the guys love what they do! Anyone who attends a live perfomance, can see that for themselves! In my mind, there is a significant difference between being a band and a performer. I've seen singers, guitarists and drummers that have sounded great on stage but have absolutely no stage presence! Sure, they may have sounded good however, so does a MP3 player! But, I wouldn't want to look at it for an hour or two! There has always been an enormous amount of energy exchanged between Sonic Erotica and the Groovenaughts.

    For those who aren't already aware of what a Groovenaught is… … I suppose one can loosely define them as being a group of fans that were drawn to Sonic Erotica due to the aforementioned and a whole lot more.

    Constructive Criticism: Hmmmm…… More!
    More music, more playdates, more terra masu, more venues, ect….
    I'm greedy that way!

    Now go to a Sonic Erotica show! I dare you!

    -Mirror Man-

    See below:


  • SonicMMM

    I goota admit… using the Voice Live 1 live has REALLY made a difference for me…. it's made my mic come alive.
    What a great time to be a performer!

  • loopjunkie

    Great performance with excellent sound! Unique and hopefully going places, solid workers with a good show and their own style.

  • SonicMMM

    Sonic Erotica does… look them up on YouTube!Mike

  • Phlegmflinker

    Don't listen to the mannequins. Check out the humans. Wise music well-performed.

  • melekepal

    Star #1 – His full range. High to low, low to high. He can hit within it all. In addition, his voice is melodic!!!

    Star #2 – He is able to sing and move about the stage to dance and/or interact with other band members and the fans/”Groovenaughts”

    Star #3 – Excellent voice control and breathing. He is able to hold his notes long and strong.

    Wish – I would love th hear more of what the TC can do, be even creative and funky.

    I also like the introduction of the TC, it enables Brian to be more creative and enhances the show with

  • ThePress_Cop1
  • Calamity Paul

    cool band

  • Great band, great sound, great video.

  • jeff

    Good stuff!

  • Ruben

    Very cool… tight band, sounds good!

  • snottymcgiver

    What a dxxxxx…I mean you guys are great.

  • miwi

    Great sound and tight band. Everyone sounded great, but the voice and the sunths were the highlights. Nice control Brian.

  • sssmithmusic

    loved it glad these guys are back to thier best!

  • ed_mcg

    These guys rock!

  • jimrocks22

    Great stuff but I'm a bit worried about the girls they don't seem to be moving ;->

  • They may have been a lil' too tanked to move! :)

  • HammerHead

    who ?

    good stuff. thumb up !

  • angelwolf73

    You guys ROCK!!!!!! Wish you could make it to PA! Would love to come see you play live!

  • avvie

    Man, that sounds kickass…

  • avvie

    Man, that sounds kickass!..

  • channon1

    Uniquely blazing your own trail through the psycho-sensual groove, you guys move me like none other. Great Stuff! Keep 'em coming!


  • silentmusic

    great stuff

  • Professor T

    Real nice!

  • ThePress_Cop1

    Simply amazing! You utilized all TC Helicon Vocal processers, VL1, VL2, Voice Synth and correct…wow…nice to see a video on here that actually has the products used LIVE. Love the sound – the band – the performance! Great job!

  • I LOVE IT!
    Amazing! Great Band… Great Sound!
    Thumbs Up!

  • Diamondback

    As always, absolutely AMAZING!!! Love it!

  • Oh Dini,

    You're too kind…but…you already are making strides…the simple fact that you recognize those things and desire to integrate them shows that you're a shaker and a mover…your's, so far, has been one of my favorite submissions. It's evident that you think outside the box and press to make the most of any limits before you. I love your music and your motivation…don't stop…ever!!!



  • Leee

    Got me up and dancin' in front of my computer screen. (and that takes a lot of doing for an old fart like me) Great stuff guys!!!!

  • kiwisdontdrinktea

    THis live band rocks with soaring and intriguing synth sounds and steady beats. Original music group. I'd see them again in a heartbeat.

  • burak

    Good Job, keep them comin'

  • Wave Wolf

    Legends Cafe, 8/20 (tonight!) 8-10pm, 9 S 9th St, Lebanon, PA