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Brian Stevenson – Time After Time

TC-Helicon, Love Song Contest submission!
In this video, I’m performing Cyndi Lauper’s ”Time After Time,” while using the Voice Live 2 and Voice Live Touch in tandem. I put a modern, synth-pop, arrangement on this, to give it a more upbeat feel! Primarily I design my own vocal patches but I did feature the following presets just for fun: Space Choir, Toe Plastic, and Upper Robots. Please up my stats if you like the video :)
Namaste, Brian Stevenson
Current Projects: Sonic Erotica, uJiya, Cross Avellaine

  • Punky

    Awesome use of the VL2 and looping on the VLT. I love the background effects as well. Your voice is smooth – I love this version even better than the original and I am a Lauper fan! Your video seems well put together. You should be in the top running for the love song contest! Amazing job!

  • The_muse1970

    Love your take on song.

  • Krr82138

    Love, love, love your take on this song – great dance vibe.

  • Utahboy39

    Awesome take on the song. When I saw you did this song I was very concerned but not only have you done it justice but it’s awesome, I’d buy it!

  • Lliv42day67

    you did GREAT MY FRIEND!! keep up the awesome work!!

  • Brian

    Thank you = I will!!! It’s too much fun not to!



  • Trina

    Brian, talent,talent, talent Man! Sounded great!

  • Maynard & Judie

    Love this song. Awesome take on this song. I agree great job.

  • Lis

    amazing amazing vocals and take! God has given you such an amazing musical gift!

  • carol

    nice job……really enjoyed watching and hearing your version of Time after Time.

  • Thank you Carol – love n’ miss u!

  • Louie Ongpauco

    Wow Brian!! just wow, I’m sure you’re gonna win the contest. I wish I live close to you so I can take some vocal lesson from you. :)

  • I like the visual effects!

    Your voice has a “The Cure” kind of sound to it – which is exactly perfect for this song! Really gives it that ’80’s vibe according to the original.

    Good use of the effects, but I think it distracts from the real, stripped down quality of your vocals, which you should show more often in this video (it sounds like you have a chorus patch on all the way).


  • Vinny

    My brother! There aren’t alot of remakes that I like. This one is the exception! I love the vocal and visual effects, varying camera angles which included some shots of the gear. A touch o’ tutorial! Brilliant piece man! I’d love to see and hear future productions from you!


  • Thank you kindly Louie!



  • Right on Endy,

    And…you are correct fine sir! Well, not a chorus…a doubler (same dif though right?!) You know your effects my friend. I sort of went full on with the processor since it was a TC gig. But yes, I agree that when it’s just you/me and the audience it’s nice to give their ears a break for a minute, to keep things sounding real and intimate. Duly noted!



  • Thank you Vinny!

    Yes, too much fun to show off the rig. I was mounting the VL2 before TC came up with the VLT…just makes sense to have your buttons within reach, being a frontman, instead of shoe gazing all of the time, to trigger effects. I’m actually running the dry out from the VL2 into the VLT and creating a pseudo-stereo feed at the board by panning the signals accordingly. So happy ya’ dug it ;)