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Brianna Jesme – Secrets, One Republic cover

I am a singer-songwriter that loves music. I have been playing music since 3 started with the violin and play piano and guitar. I like music because it changes your mood and warms your heart. Through music I make people happy. If you like my songs check out my other ones on youtube. xoxo Bri

  • Brianna!

    “Strength and honor!”  You rock sister ;)  Very nice performance, strong vibrato and you use your voice in a dynamic fashion…got some slick rhythm too!  Thanks for sharing – keep practicing and working hard.  I enjoyed this one.  One thing, ya’ really strum hard when ya’ play…notice how your guitarist plays to you…work on that with your own playing and you will totally kill it!!!



  • Brianna

    Thank you so much… I am constantly working on my music and sincerely appreciate the feedback… especially from other fellow musicians. All the best… Brianna

  • Fabulous voice and vibrato. Great dynamics. Keep at it. Your passion is shining through. Stay healthy and learn to vocalize properly with firm support so when you stray from ideal technique in your performance you can bounce back to balance and keep vocal cords strong and flexible.

  • jorinda

    Really enjoyed the song and the performance!!!  Great job..super

  • Dbrjesme

    Thank you so much…

  • Dbrjesme

    Thanks for taking the time to listen…I try to always work on what I love, I should find time to vocalize more :)