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Bring Your Song To Life

Bring Your Song To Life
Don’t mentally end the phrase until it’s actually over –says Jeannie Deva

It’s a Wrap! In the past eight weeks I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing 16 singers share their artistry.

As I now complete my final Voice Council Residency week for 2011, I’d like to impart these final thoughts for your reflection and in support of your continued growth as performing singers.

Carry Your Message Through

A performance works when the details of your message, musical interpretation and visual presentation are aligned.
This alliance is powerful.

It makes your song believable and brings it to life.

It’s usual to find the conclusion of a thought at the end of a sentence.

When you sing, in order for your message to carry through and be received by your listener, it’s important not to drop your volume or expression prior to the end of each complete phrase.

In other words, don’t mentally end the phrase before it’s actually over.

The Golf Swing

This can be likened to playing golf or tennis; when you swing to hit the ball, in order for it to arrive at the target, you must envision the target and then follow through in your swing while maintaining your attention on where it is you want the ball to arrive.

When you sing, think past each entire phrase of lyrics and melody. Intend that your message arrive to the listener.

If your attention is kept in close proximity to yourself, your communication will fall short and never fully arrive.

It won’t reach your audience, as you never actually intended it to do so and didn’t ensure they could, in fact, understand you.

Try This

You can practice this by speaking each sentence of your song aloud while maintaining attention on an object in the room.

Pretend that the object can hear you. Then when speaking each line, say it in a believable way with your attention on the object.

Sing each line in the same manner: with your attention on the object; imagine the object actually hearing and understanding what you’re expressing through the end of every line.


A professional artist invests considerable time and concentration in creating a multidimensional relationship with each song — one that goes beyond the mechanics of singing.

The interaction with the meaning, the content and the emotions behind the story creates a dynamic way to convey the song.

How you shape the contours of the music through your phrasing and dynamics can help you to connect with your passion and enable you to carry your emotional investment to your audience.

Then all you have to do is sing TO your audience, which brings your song to life and connects it to your audience.
May you have a fantastic holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

Yours in song – Jeannie Deva

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Ken Adams – Somebody Like You (Cover)

Alright Ken! How freeing to have a cordless electric guitar AND cordless headset mic! You sound wonderfully authentic singing this musical style and your band is backing you up energetically and very well. By making more direct contact outward to your audience more of the time, you would increase the energy of your song and performance even more. This is a fun song and you deliver it with a good amount of drive and vigor. Thanks for sending this in to VC Peer Reviews and Happy Holidays!

Jocelyn – Fall So Slowly (Original song)

Hi Jocelyn! Good visual set up with your opening graphics. And thanks for keeping it on the screen long enough for us all to really read it. Fantastic that you’re using the VL Touch! This is such an amazing tool for singers. Great harmonies/back up vocal vocals and tasteful effects and loops. I love your melodic lines and how you got into “the zone” with this song. When you sing a line, follow it through past the end. That way you don’t end up with “throw away” phrases which are difficult to understand and reduce the full impact of your song. Also consider more of a focus on singing it to us, your audience. Whether a live or video performance, when you involve your audience in this way you increase the impact of your song and your memorability. For more on this, read my article above – “Bring Your Song to Life.”

-Jeannie Deva

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