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Build Your Regional Following


It may start at the local level – make sure the audience for your singing doesn’t end there.

Roses Unread built a strong local fan-base and are now their spreading their regional wings.

We asked Allison Teague to reveal the moves that are leading them toward their dream of full time music careers.

You have a strong local following – how can other groups ramp up the energy and attendance at local gigs?
Hand out flyers in town – start a few weeks in advance. Do the whole social media promotion thing, but also do the “flyer-ing” on the streets and in the clubs you play.

Do you have help in doing this?
Start street teams in other cities and have your street team members help you promote. If you make good music and your fans are passionate, they will love to be a part of what you’re doing.

RegionalText02What’s your advice about building regional interest?
Practice as hard as you can and write good music. After you’ve written good music, go to a good studio and get a good quality recording. Practice to put on a performance. Nobody wants to go see a band stand still and be boring; you’re there to throw your energy and passion in into the crowd!

OK but how do you “trade” this recording and performance energy for larger gigs/regional gigs or other opportunities?
Treat it like a business…it has to be fun, but you have to be serious at the same time. Put every penny (even if it’s just one penny) that you make back into the band to get you to the next show, or buy the next t-shirt, or next set of strings, or whatever!

I take it that this is what you do with your money?
We reinvest all our money made back into this band so we can keep doing it. It has to be a business, but at the same time, if you are only concerned about sticking money in your pocket at the end of the night, then you ought to go play in a cover band at the local honky-tonk.

What other tips and tricks do you have for building your regional audience?
Always connect with fans and other bands and help each other out.

RegionalText01Define: “help each other out”?
If another bands want to get into our town, we will swap some shows with them and bring them in to a packed house, as long as they will do the same for us when we go play with them.

How has this worked for you?
By doing this and supporting our fellow musicians by attending their shows, we have built a strong support system between us and the venues/bands around the Mid-South. We got invited to play with some of our favorite bands in the world: Surrender The Fall, Taproot, Righteous Vendetta, Icon For Hire, and Eye Empire by working hard and helping each other out

What are you aiming at now?
If we could get on board with some more national acts and branch out of the Mid-South United States, then that’s what we’re shooting for!

TeagueProfileAllison Teague of Roses Unread. With two full-length albums, two music videos, countless shows, global airplay, and a worldwide following of dedicated fans behind them, Roses Unread is something a little bit different that demands a second glance and a listen.