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Cable Considerations

Use the proper wire to connect your speakers to your power amp. Speaker wire is not the same as a guitar cable—use designated speaker wire.

Also, choosing a wire that’s too thick or too think for your situation can cause a problem with the efficiency of your amp and speakers.

All the major cable manufacturers vary slightly in their opinions about bow best to handle audio transmission through a cable. However, there is agreement that cabling is a major consideration.

As end users, it’s our responsibility to listen to what they say. It’s our job to listen to the difference cable makes and determine the most appropriate cabling choices for our own situation.

Not everyone can afford to outfit their entire system with the most expensive cable on the market—I realize that some have trouble justifying even one expensive cable.

But the more serious your intent with regard to excellent audio, the more you should consider upgrading. Upgrade the cabling in your main monitoring and mixing areas.

Procuring a couple of very high quality cables to connect your mixer to your powered monitors is an excellent place to start.

If you use a power amplifier, get the best cables you can afford from your mixer to the power amp and from the power amp to the speakers.

It’ll make a difference in what you hear, and therefore in all your EQ, panning, effects, and levels.

-Bill Gibson