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Cagepounter – Wet Sand – Original

Bio: I’m a singer-songwriter from Cologne, Germany. Since a few years I post original songs on YouTube.

  • Hello Cage :)

    I really enjoy the stride you've created for this song. You're guitar picking is languid and upbeat and creates a nice bed for the lazy feeling vocal. You have a rustic vocal style and it's a firm match for the music you are writing. You also look like your music to me. I think your words are right in line with how your music makes me feel, which is kind of depressing and happy at the same time :) From your other videos it looks as though you're audience is more internet based…check out streamjam.com for some cool alternatives to finding success without leaving your living room :)


  • KidKenny

    Nice song
    It gives a certain charm with the small “live” tempo canges. Have you also tried to sing the song with a metronome? Only to hear if you like it in a certain tempo.
    Personally I would like to hear you live out more at some parts, carful at some parts (you are good at this) and a bit louder & with more prenontiations at other parts, but thats only me).
    Good work :-)