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Camilla Fredrikke – Your Story – Original

Bio: I’m a singer and I write my own songs. Still learning though

  • Avelyne

    Hey Camilla,

    I've got a few things to say.
    I love your guitar, I love your voice, I love your video and I really love your lyrics and the song ^^
    Keep on making your own music 'cause it's awesome!! ^^


  • Camilla,

    This is a lovely song and you have a beautiful voice. There's a sincerity in your eyes and countenance that draws us in to the message of your song. You've got a nice blend going between your singing and your guitar playing and your cadence stays strong to boot! Thanks for sharing this piece with us my friend. It's a simple song but jammed full of hooks and relatable prose :)



  • Camilla Fredrikke

    Oh, thank you both so much! It means a lot to hear :) really nice comments. And I will making my own music. I promise :)