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Can You See Your Song?

I want to smell the coffee and see the cream with lyrics –says Sarah Bellah.

Every great song has one similarity: you not only “hear” the song, but you can “see” it.

I believe songwriting is a lot more visual than perhaps some think.

I encourage songwriters to have all of their senses engaged in the creative process – and not get lost in technicalities.

I want to smell the coffee and see the cream with lyrics.

I’ve found this is the best way to get the listener where I am.

In a new song I wrote, titled “like red wine” the chorus begins like this: “pain stains like red wine on a white t-shirt yea over time it still hurts.”

It may seem silly, red wine on a white t-shirt, but you saw a white t-shirt stained red didn’t you?

I know it’s symbolic, but it still gives a visual.

You can see this process like painting; painting with words.

Each color and line builds on another until the end of the song, when you can then see the the whole story.

-Sarah Bella

Sarah Bella is a singer-songwriter from Michigan with a rapidly growing YouTube fan base. Her recently featured original song, Time Hasn’t Moved, has had over 300,000 views. Sarah’s songwriting recently caught the attention of the film industry and she’s now written the theme song for the independent film Rancho D’Amour. Sarah is also a recent winner of “Detroit’s Got Talent” and has performed original songs at a Detroit Pistons’ Game! Check out Sarah’s many original songs on YouTube.

  • Larry

    G’day Sarah
    Thanx heaps for that insight… I so want to write some songs, however I tend to write ‘soppy poems’… Your Great advice has given some Hope after all :-)
    Best Wishes,
    Larry (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Iversonmatthew

    I have often said that if you close your eyes the music should take you on a journey. More great advice here :)