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Tell Your Personal Story Through Your Songs

Candice Sand writing songs

Candice Sand has recently worked with Grammy nominated writing team Kuya and multi-platinum artists, JRDN and Choclair on her debut record.

Candice talks to us about her personal writing style, her international fans and her dedication to keep singing.

Emotive song-writing

How did your song about eating disorder awareness come about?
I struggled with an eating disorder for most of my life and luckily, I was able to get help and overcome it. I released my true story through the organization that helped me (the National Eating Disorder Information Centre) and I’ve discovered that there are SO many people out there struggling secretly. It’s those people I want to help. We’re hoping to release it in April or May this year.

Do you often write about such deep, emotive themes?
I like to. For me, it’s easy to access those feelings. I’m a really self-reflective person, and a lot of the music I love has a common thread of being very ‘real’. Songs that show human vulnerability and that have a definite aim in terms of their message.

In what ways do you hope your music affects your listeners?
I hope my music inspires someone. I know what it feels to be inspired by a song, or any work of art for that matter; to be moved by something so it makes you feel something new or motivates you to change or helps you come to a realization.

How does your music translate for a live performance?
Most of my performances are acoustic, so we play with the arrangements and feel of the songs. It’s really nice to be able to talk about the song and tell the story behind the song. It’s definitely more intimate.

Being an authentic and successful artist

What do you wish you could go back and tell your younger self when you were just starting out as a musician?
I would tell her to trust her instincts more and to follow them. In terms of who to work with and which steps to take next. My biggest achievements came from following my instincts.

What is your advice for singers who are struggling to find their niche or identity?
It’s so cliche but so true: don’t let anyone tell you who to be. Take the time and figure out who you are and who you want to be. Don’t chase trends or what you think will sell. Express yourself truthfully.

How difficult is it to turn singing into a fulltime profession?
A lot of people do side jobs and I had to for a long time. At the same time, I had to work really hard to build up my performance skills and network. As well, I definitely had to have a business mind. When I started treating myself like an entrepreneur, it changed everything.

How has social media played a role in your career as an artist?
It’s been a great way to reach so many people that are miles away and actually get to know them too. It’s fun to see where your audiences pop up. My music video for my single “Go On” had thousands of shares in Russia and streaming numbers for my album have been popping up like crazy in Thailand!

What gives you the inspiration to keep plugging a career in music?
The feeling. I will always say there is NOTHING better to me than being lost inside a song. That feeling fuels it completely.

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Candice SandRecording artist and songwriter Candice Sand. Making music to touch the heart and move the body. Pop infused with hints of R&B, alongside real thoughts and life experiences.

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