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“Can’t You See” Marshall Tucker Band by John Langford Acoustic Music

Bio: Professional musician since 1991. Available for hire/gigs, just about anything, solo or with a freelance backing band. Please check out my Youtube channel 1johnlangford2. I love performing. I am also a master audio engineer, audio gear consultant and artist development. Play bass, piano and drums as well. Percussionist more than a drummer though. As well I paint, draw and illustrate, publicly speak and am a Quantum Physicist, self knowledge. Please contact me for work.

  • Hello John,

    Thanks for sharing…you definitely have that southern rock vibe down pat and an emotive countenance to boot! Your bio reads like a true Renaissance man and you have a strong image for your type of music. Being as creative as you are I would love to hear an original. Although you do a good job of singing this song it may not be the perfect fit for you…you start off kind of bumpy and struggle with some of your high notes…but pick it up quickly! All in all a heart felt performance, even when you offer insight to your character after you're done playing…nice touch!



  • Sarah Bella

    Wonderful style! You've got a voice that grabs attention and smooth playing:) Keep posting and playing!!

  • Andy


    Great power and feel!


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  • Arween

    Its beautiful..you sing with your heart!

  • Brad Peterson

    Where are you located ? My brother lives in Nashville and I’ve played some of your stuff for him. He’s currently working with John Dorris, Alan Laney, and Rick Williamson. He would like to correspond with you. Let me know if your interested. Here’s my email 1shot417@gmail.com