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Carlo Bianchini – Hallelujah – Cover

Bio: I’m 14 yrs. old and have been singing playing guitar and dancing for 8 yrs. now. I enjoy various genres of music and love to write and record my songs with help from my father who is pro. singer songwriter and voice coach and guitar instructor

  • Carlo!

    You're off to a grand start…from the looks of it, you do seem dedicated :) At 14 years of age, I couldn't do that much. You're rhythm's pretty solid for not playing to a click track…you've got a strong voice as well. You do sound very nasal though, which means you're probably singing from your vocal mask, which is the area just above the throat, your mouth, nose, and upper sinuses. This isn't wrong but there are a ton of other places you could explore to generate a more robust flavor to your vocal. The soft nasal sound is reminiscent of the “boy band” singers. It makes my heart feel good to witness young people refining their art and keeping music alive!