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Carrie Johnson – Rewind

  • Hi Carrie,

    Great sound on the recording…very clear and crisp! Your lyrics are captivating and truthful…you're truly a passionate performer and this is a wonderful original song. I notice you get a lil' pitchy on your vocal trills…take a big breath for those so you have plenty of air to follow through…you delivered a very convincing performance!



  • Cher22

    Very nice! I could see you in an awesome video or on a stage in a smooth jazz club. Very nice sounds, love those true to life blues songs. You are awesome and do a wonderful job! Your breathing is a little bit off but it adds color too and makes the song more real and believable. With just a little more work, I think you could really go places with your music. You got it Girl!

  • Sarah Bella

    Your performance comes off as real, great work Carrie! I love the video in black and white, it goes well with the song! I think with just a little more vocal practice, you'll be on your way!