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Chantelle – My Immortal Evanescence cover

Hello I’m Chantelle. I have been singing for just over a year now and have gained more and more knowledge through singing live and recording vocals in a studio, I’m always watching great singers and learning new things all the time! In late 2011 the opportunity to Join a cover’s band ”Under The Covers” came about with the lead singer leaving to go to uni (I was currently managing the band) I took a chance and just went for it, never been to a rehearsal before (apart from watching bands) and never sang through a mic before (apart from at karaoke) :) To date I have done many live shows acoustic and in a band setting, worked with various singers/musicians at Jam nights :) :) Any good/Bad/constructive feedback is highly appreciated :)

  • James

    Very Very good!!

  • Diane

    You did a great job – you’ve even got the Amy Lee look going!. I noticed you rushed the phrasing a bit in some parts, but I think that’s partially your guitar buddy’s fault. I noticed you’re singing the whole song in either chest or what’s known as “mixed” voice.. which since you haven’t developed a breathing technique yet comes off kind of as “yelling in key” and takes out the resonance and emotion in the voice. Amy Lee is a very “heady” singer who pulls in a chesty resonance – which is why her voice is almost opera like – and why you hit a “ceiling” during the bridge. When you’re singing Amy you should feel it vibrate in your head, and right on your soft pallet, then project out your mouth. Keep volume and tone in mind, louder isn’t always better, nor does it always fit the emotion of the song. Amy is heartbroken, she’s not going to sing it from the rooftops, it’s going to be quiet and intimate – then build. Sometimes the band just needs to play softer – it’s called dynamics! LOL! You do have a great foundation and a passion, so with proper training you’ll be SO amazed at how full and polished you’ll become. My suggestion is to take $40, go to http://www.jaimevendera.com get Raise Your Voice (2nd Edition) & Ultimate Vocal Warm-Up (audio). He’s also got a Facebook group where we all post our songs and gab about stuff. I’ve been through all the “popular” vocal programs, even the $200-300 ones and Jaime’s is the most comprehensive and complete – even goes into proper ways to get rasp & grit and heavy metal screams. Do the 7 week program in the book then post this song again – you’ll be amazed! IF you prefer paperback to .pdf get the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Good Luck and Happy Singing!

  • White Owl

    Hey Chantelle! You have a pretty voice! And that´s good to make a different instrumental music to create your own style. The only thing i could tell you that maybe help you to improve your singing is to concentrate in what you are singing, i mean, what are you saying by the time you are singing? This is a sad song, a pain song… If you got in mine the feeling of what you´r singing, that would be much better! Good luck in your music work!!