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Chelsey Johnson – Stay With Me cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Mark Baxter:

Chelsey your approach on this song is very heartfelt. Your phrasing breathes emotion into every line. You have developed a habit of tensing your jaw and tongue and so it restricts the sound of your voice at the peaks. You wouldn’t lose that great smoky texture if you learned to release that tension – it would only add more colors to your vocal paint box.

Chelsey’s Bio:

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsey, and i’m 16 years old. This is my favourite song out at the moment, and I hope you enjoy my version of it. If you have any song suggestions for me, then please comment below! Also let me know what you think of this video! Thank you for watching! Chelsey x

  • Hi I love the way you did this song! What I like most is your annunciation/articulation and your very own type of accent. You have a woodsy childlike quality to your voice which I think anyone would have a hard time finding fault with. I also admire the way you could sing this in your key …nice work. Keep singing!!