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Chris Commisso – Love You Like A Love Song cover

Chris Commisso….passionate vocalist….prolific songwriter….star wars nerd…

  • way 2 go Chris

  • Alison M.


  • rowleyc11

    Wow! You actually made me really get into this song!! Didn’t think it was possible. Kudos!

  • Vonda R.

    Great job, Chris!!  You’re so talented as a singer/songwriter plus, you crack me up!  Keep ’em coming!  :)

  • Genejenkins

    Laid back, comfortable, easy going and effortless performance! Which presents to the listener a feeling of delight and joyfulness in your rare unswerving talent. Needless to say, I love what you DO!! 

  • Rita F.

    I have an eight year old daughter…so, let’s just say I have heard the original a fair amount of times.  This version is sooo much better, and I love how you interject your personality!  Great job! 

  • Chris, your talent constantly amazes me.  The ability to take a song and not just do a cover of it, but really make it your own is something few musicians can do well.  And then to have your original songs be every bit as good as the ones you  cover shows that you not only have the musical talent the rest of us wish we had, but that you have a unique voice that transcends any single genre.

  • Lisa

    I’ve followed Chris’s music for a few years now and I’m never short of amazed at each song he comes out with…whether it’s original or a cover! As others have said, his voice sticks out among the cookies cutters of today’s singers.

  • Robyn C.

    Love it.  Love it!!! Thanks for another great song.

  • Chris records and uploads a new song every few days. They’re all good. He’s got a sense of humor, too! d:)

  • Mickey

    My daughter is the same age, and it’s so cool to have an artist that we can share.  Chris’ music is consistently good, nearly always upbeat and positive, and I don’t have to worry about what she’s going to hear.  I’ve known Chris for several years, and his music is a pretty good reflection of who he is as a man and a kind and good human.

  • Rita F.

    I know what you mean, Mickey.  My daughter and four year old son are big fans of Chris, also.  I have known Chris for over 30 years, and he has always been extremely talented and in pursuit of his dreams.  I am so happy that he is starting to get the recognition he has so richly deserved for a long time!  He is man of great integrity, and unbelievable work ethic…a great role model for our children! :)

  • Petsharon

    weather it is a cover or orginal song, Chris is by far the most talented.  He sure knows how to sing, play and laugh!

  • Wennnnnndy

    I don’t believe Chris realizes how talented he really is.  What a gift he shares naturally!

  • Geordi La Forge

    Great job Chris.

  • Joemar

    Chris is the best, everyone needs to go to The Piano Shack and listen to all of his songs, he is amazing!

  • Davcom1000

    Great song!

  • Lventertainersgal

    Fantastic Song by the most talented singer, songwriter, musician, movie maker, of the decade. Way to go Chris! You deserve this accolade!!!!!

  • Hiya Chris,

    Great performance.  You’re really comfortable and chose a song that resonates well with your voice.  I also like that you inject some humor and keep it light.  There’s a really great balance between the music and your voice.  This is a fantastic expample of putting the necessary care needed into making an effective video.  Often is the case where the quality of the audio doesn’t match that of the video or vice versa.  Note, sounds like the audio glitches out around 1:05.  Other than that you have the makings of a bright and shining star!



  • Josey

    Wow! I love it!

  • Ulrike Pfnausch

    This is awesome, you really got rhythm and soul in your heart. Great singing.
    With love

  • Joeycommisso


  • KowBoy Tom

    Chris Commisso, your voice and guitar work are both outstanding. The energy you bring is refreshing. You could complete the connection with your audience by looking at us. Try it, you’ll make an enormous jump in your presentation. Keep going, you’ve got the magic

    -KowBoy Tom

  • Linda

    Great ! from professional in Nashville, TN

  • Daniel

    This song is a guilty pleasure. Great Performance. From a Semi pro in Nashville. :)

  • Daniel

    Also a Star Wars Nerd.

  • Stgeorgefriends

    great sound !!! confidence can be felt!