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Chris Davies – Stay This Way (With You)

Bio: Hi! I’m Chris and I’ve been singing all my life. This video was shot by the lady the song was written for. It was sung live. Even though the vid looks slightly out of sync I was not miming. I hope you like it.

  • Sarah Bella

    lucky lady that gets a song and a live performance ;) Heartfelt song and delivery! I can tell you mean it!

  • Hello Chris,

    Very lounge like vibe. I could see ya’ kickin’ it in Vegas. You have smooth vocals and good stage presence. Perhaps there’s a lil’ of the old diamond in ya’? While I enjoy this tune and feel you represent it well it comes off a bit lack luster at times. It’s about your girl so I’d love to “see” and “feel” more of your heart when you sing. You’re a pro…keep it up brother!



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  • joelheck

    A very soft approach, appears a bit light on dynamics, yet shows some emotion through. Nice range and tone with consistant pitch control.