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Chris H – Little Lion Man cover

I’m a 20 years old singer and (kind-of) songwriter from Berlin, Germany. I really hope that you enjoy the stuff that I put out because I really love singing but also listening to songs that bring up memories and emotions to me!

  • Ian G

    I really like your voice!
    I’m so used to hearing this on the radio it threw me off when you said
    “F*ed it up this time”. Haha. You have such a good quality mike too! Would you mind sharing what it’s called? Very nice!

  • Ian G


  • Nice cover :)

  • Russell St George

    Sounds great you have a nice voice very pleasant!

  • Hi Chris,

    Great take on current hit! And, you’ve got the enunciation down to a “T.” Still, this lacks a lot of the dynamics that the original has. So ya’ look really cool, like a star actually. You’ve got great gear, great look, and solid sound. Put a lil’ more energy into it and I’m sold! Pretty fun man…thanks for sharing!